Fall Fishing

With only a few days left in the summer, the best saltwater fishing season is upon us! Up and down the east coast bait begins it’s migration out of the shallows and the predators follow, feeding voraciously before winter sets in.

The Chesapeake Bay has had a recent run of puppy drum, many smaller fish in the 16-20” range but a few hitting the 24” mark. Trout are also showing themselves, mostly 10-16”.

Striped bass numbers have been improving as the summer stretches into fall and we expect a good October fishing for them!

Fall is also the prime time of the year for fishing in Cape Lookout North Carolina. The beautiful Crystal Coast offers shots at tailing and cruising Redfish, line burning False Albacore, Spanish Mackerel, Sharks, Bluefish, Speckled Trout and more. In my opinion, this is the best saltwater fishing on the East Coast. It is truly epic and a very pretty location as well.

We have several dates available for guided trips in both Virginia in the Chesapeake Bay and Cape Lookout North Carolina. Be sure to get in on the action before the winter doldrums set in!


How to Tie the Redfish Wiggler

Summer is here and that means Redfishing on the flats all along the Atlantic Coast!

Several folks have asked how to tie specific Redfish patterns that I use. One of the most consistent patterns is called a Murdich Wiggler, or as I refer to it, a Redfish Wiggler.

Redfish Wiggler

My friend Ken Tenaka at Wish 4 Fish did a fantastic Youtube video of me tying the Wiggler at The Fishing Show in Atlanta. Tied in gold, copper or pink, this is one of my most consistent patterns for catching Redfish on the Fly!

Brook trout fishing


Brook Trout fishing is here! If you have not been fly fishing for brookies prior, now is the time to go! April through June are my favorite time of the year to go after these small but beautiful fish. Native to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brook Trout are dispersed throughout small streams across the western part of Virginia.

Grab a six to eight foot long two or three weight fly rod, a handful of size 10-18 dry flies and an extra spool of tippet and take your pick of “blue line” to try for them. The high water we have had over the past 12-16 months has given these fish plenty of room and food to grow. This is some of the best brook trout fishing in over a decade. If you’ve never been, now is the time to go!

South River Fly Fishing Expo April 27-28

We will be attending the South River Fly Fishing Expo in Waynesboro, VA this coming weekend! Chris will be speaking about inshore saltwater fishing in Virginia, particularly the Chesapeake Bay.

There are several great fly fishing vendors at the show from near and far. Beginners and experts alike. You can find more information at:


Come out to a great event and say hello!


Shad Trips!

The Hickory and American shad are in thick in our river systems right now and very willing to hit a well placed fly! They fight hard and are often referred to as a “Poor Man’s Tarpon.” With recent rains, the James is blown out, however, we fish and guide on a smaller waterway that is not affected by the heavy rains! Striped bass and aggressive catfish follow the shad up into the rivers and can also be caught on fly. We have dates open to fish for these awesome fighters, 4/17 through 4/24. Don’t miss out on the action before they are gone!

Hickory Shad

Hickory Shad


Spring Smallmouth on the New!

We are looking forward to working with New River Fly Fishing for another Spring floating the upper New River (upstream of Claytor Lake) for trophy smallmouth bass! Last year we had fantastic fishing until the big rains blew us out for the second half of May.

Many of these fish can be sight cast to and caught on poppers. There is also a chance for musky and striped bass in the river as well. If you like smallmouth fishing, this is something you don’t want to miss out on!

We’ve got availability during the week and a very few select weekend dates. Trips are run from mid-April up until May 22nd.

Single Angler: $395

Two Anglers: $495

Contact us for more information!




Thank You!

Thank you very much to everyone who swung by my table at The Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta last weekend! It was a pleasure answering questions and talking all things fly fishing. I really appreciate the compliments and support!

The next show I will be attending is the South River Expo, in Waynesboro April 27 and 28th. You can find more information at www.southriverexpo.org

See you there!


The Fly Fishing Show - Atlanta!

For the second year, Knot the Reel World owner and head guide Chris Siess will be tying at The Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta, Georgia, Friday February 1st and Saturday February 2nd. Chris will be discussing tips and techniques for tying a variety of flies including, but not limited to, patterns for Redfish, Smallmouth Bass, and Muskie! Flies will be available for purchase as well!

If you are in Atlanta area or want to make the trip down for this epic fly fishing event, be sure to stop by and say hello!

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